My guest for The Happy Hour #135 is Jenny RandleJenny is a Creative Ninja, a speaker, art director and Emmy-winning video editor. She’s collaborated on billion dollar franchises in the heart of Hollywood and currently specializes in design and advertising. Jenny has a passion for empowering others to understand their God-given identity, purpose and creativity. She lives in Upstate New York with her husband, Matt, and two young children. Jenny’s preferred creative fuel is Jesus, lattes and freestyle rap battles with her family.

In our conversation, Jenny and I chat about how adults seem to let their creative sides fizzle, and how she's committed to bringing that back to life. She does that through some creative exercises that she subjected me to. I won't spoil the big moment, but I'll just say I think you're going to love my impression of a household appliance.

Jenny also talks about her husband's battle with depression – how it started, when they sought help and where they are now. I am always so grateful for women share stories like this, because I know how lonely stories like this can feel. Jenny does such a great job of talking about their journey and offering hope to those that are in their own fight.

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Pre-Order Jenny's Book: 31 Day Create

Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson + Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson + A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle

What Jenny is loving: This Is Us, Sage Harvest Jerky, and Creative Couples Course

Music from Jason Poe

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Taking My Life Back


On April 15, 2013, Rebekah Gregory and her five-year- old son waited at the finish line of the Boston Marathon to support a friend who was running. When the blast of a homemade bomb packed with nails and screws went off three feet behind her, Rebekah’s legs took the brunt of the explosion. Seventeen surgeries and sixty-five procedures later, she made the decision to have her left leg amputated. This stirring memoir tells of Rebekah’s remarkable recovery—including her triumphant return to Boston two years later to run part of the race and her participation in the trial of one of the terrorists.

Africa New Life


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Messy Beautiful Friendship


With engaging true stories and guidance drawn from Scripture, Christine Hoover offers a fresh, biblical vision forfriendship that allows for the messiness of our lives and the realities of our schedules. She shows you how to deepen relationships, overcome insecurity, and revel in the beauty and joy of everyday friendship. This book makes a perfect companion for every season of life. Pick up your copy here.

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