I have always wanted to have a cookie exchange party. I am not a baker, and don't even like to eat cookies, but I do love to have people over to my house for a party, especially if there is a theme! I finally scheduled a party and what do you know it's the day after Deacon's surgery. We thought about this and knew that I would be a great thing for me to do to give me something to look forward to and keep my mind off the surgery.

Here are the rules to my party ….

1.      All cookies should be homemade
2.      No plain cookie mixes or no-bakes.
3.      Please bring 4-6 dozen total cookies.
4.      Arrange cookies in a basket or platter and
	be creative!  Bring a large container to
	carry away your cookies
5.      Email a copy of your recipe before the party
6.      RSVP as soon as you can and let me
	know what type of cookies you are planning
	on baking.
7.      There's a prize for the best looking cookies!
8.     If you don't have time to bake, or have
	burnt your cookies, but still want to attend,
	you must go to a real bakery and
	buy 6 dozen yummy cookies. :)

I basically just copied these from another blog I found where someone else hosted a party and made them my own. It sounds so dreadful to send out rules to your party, but whatever! It's my party! I take all the rules seriously except #8, b/c I would still love my friends to come even if they didn't make any! 🙂 But don't tell them or none of them will bring anything!

I'm having them all email me copies of their recipes and I'll post them on here. That way they can all have access to them and so can my internet friends!!!!

What is your favorite cookie recipe for the holiday's? Want to share with us?


Jamie Ivey