The flu has entered our house this week and so far only taken one prisoner.  Sure enough as soon as I post this we will all get it.  Oh Lord I hope not!

Aaron went down Sunday night and he went down hard.  He didn't leave our bedroom for three days and finally got outside on day six of the flu madness.  It was awful.  I told my mom that I know exactly what Aaron will look like on his death bed, because it looked like that on Monday and Tuesday.

Scout was the only one allowed to lay with him this week.  Well, I did sleep in our bed.  He told me not too, but I didn't think I could sleep in another room knowing he was in our bed.


The kids were sweet and would come and play checkers with him and read their homework reading to him.  He hated being stuck in bed, but we made the best of it!  Cayden left this beside his bed one day …



Aaron card

Looks like someone has been learning about smoking at school!

The best thing that came out of Aaron's sickness was him realizing how busy I am during the week.  Moms that stay home can get a bad wrap of sitting around and eating bon-bon's while watching Days of Our Lives.  Not that Aaron thinks that, but he's never here during the day, so for all he knows I could do that all day long.

One day as I was leaving and told him I would see him back around 4pm, he couldn't believe that I would be gone all day.  He said “you really are busy during the week running our home, doing stuff for kids, and doing things”.  YES!

Although Aaron was sick all week, I enjoyed him seeing how busy I am and what goes on during the day.  That was a fun conversation!

I'm hoping that no one else gets this madness!