It is always a joy to share my words with other websites, and today I'm blogging over at MomLife Today. I'd love it if you checked it out, and if you or someone you know is in the trenches of adoption trauma life, this one is for you. Let's walk this road together, and encourage each other wherever we are on this journey.

Recently a mom texted me and asked when would this all get better. She’s in the trenches of healing with her child and some days she isn’t able to see an end in sight. There’s so much hurt and so much pain that some days she can barely even see light in tomorrow, much less days, weeks, or months down the road.

I remember those days so well. I remember when each day I literally lived minute by minute and hour by hour. If I could get through breakfast it was a win. If we could get to lunch and not have a huge melt down we had a victory on our hands.

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Jamie Ivey