Did any of you watch THE BIBLE that was on Sunday night on The History Channel?  We did, and we loved it.  Story was already in bed and so we sat around the table with our boys and soaked it all in.  It's going to be on every Sunday until Easter and I think it goes through the entire bible.

The show sparked some amazing conversations with our boys.  We were able to get our bibles out and follow along, because we told them that just because something says it's from the bible, or about Jesus, if it doesn't follow the word of God, then it is not right.  We paused many times to look up information in their bibles to confirm what was happening in the movie.

The kids were torn up over Abraham having a baby with a woman that he wasn't married too, and how he didn't trust God to fulfill the promise he had given him.  Amos said, “if that was me, I would have trusted God for sure”, which led to some amazing conversations about how we all don't trust God at times, even the people in the bible that we look up to made lots of mistakes.  That conversation led us to Jesus.  None of us on our own will, can fully trust God and follow him completely, we need Jesus.  He is our only hope in getting back to the Father.

I look forward to this coming on each Sunday night and it sparking many more conversations with our boys.  I love seeing my kids love God's word through the movie they are watching.

Did you guys watch?  Did you like it as much as I did?

Jamie Ivey