The packing has begun at our house.  For me packing for a big trip like this takes time.  I have to lay it all out in different sections and then survey it and then decide how it will all go in and where it will all go.  You have to take into consideration weight when packing for these trips too.  All the heavy stuff can not go in one bag or you can't get much in that one.  Aaron is the best at putting it all in.

Basically I will lay it all out and then let Aaron put it all together!  He does that well.  Then we weigh it and move on to the next suit case.  🙂  Tonight is the lay out all out night.  Tomorrow Aaron and I will put it all together!  Then Tuesday we drive to Texas all day long.  Wed we recoup and spend the night with the Ivey's and Thursday our flight leaves Houston at 6 AM!!!

Here's what we're working with here:

  • 3 boxes of cereal for the Livesay family
  • 2 boxes of oatmeal for the Livesay family (not even sure if they like oatmeal, but someone gave this to me)
  • a box of saltines for the Livesay family – maybe they can pass these out to prego women there
  • 3 boxes of instant breakfast – never saw a gallon of milk when i was in Haiti, not sure this will work out 😉
  • way too many pounds of Starbucks coffee
  • 7 cans of cashews
  • 13 bars of soap
  • 2 cans of coffee creamer
  • 3 boxes of brownies
  • 5 boxes of wipes
  • 2 gauze bandage rolls
  • 3 boxes of bandaids
  • 20 tubes of hydrocortisone cream
  • 20 pack of batteries
  • 2 bottles of asprin
  • 2 boxes of rolaids
  • 2 bottles of nasal spray
  • 7 tubes of anti-bacterial/antiseptic cream
  • 3 bottles of hydrogen peroxide
  • 3 bottles of rubbing alcohol
  • 3 tubes of triple antibiotic ointment
  • 4 tubes of diaper rash cream
  • 2 tubes of antifungal cream
  • 3 jars of infant gas relief
  • 1 infant motrin drops
  • 2 bottles of children's pain reliever
  • 3 sets of gifts for Amos and Story's nannies – purse, lipstick, hand lotion, toothbrush/toothpaste set, 3 bars of soap
  • 30 pairs of sunglasses for kids in Rescue Center
  • color pages for the kids in the Rescue Center
  • 12 bottles of bubbles for Livesay kids and kids in Rescue Center
  • 4 sticker activity books for my buddies Carmelo, Trey & Henley
  • 2 pairs of shoes for Amos
  • colors and coloring book for Amos
  • toothbrush and toothpaste for Amos
  • sunglasses for Amos
  • new DIEGO backpack for Amos  🙂
  • clothes for Amos & super cute clothes for Story!
  • good smelly lotion for Amos & Story
  • toys for Amos & Story
  • Ribbies clippies for Story
  • johnny jumper for Story
  • 8 boxes of rice cereal with bannanas for Story

Think we'll get it all in?  I'll let you know what doesn't make the final cut…..

Jamie Ivey