I avoided a crisis today.  A BIG crisis.  The one we all fear.

I was laying in bed with Cayden before rest time about to read him another book when he asked if I wanted to have another baby in my belly.

I said “No I think we have enough kids.”

Then it happened.

He asked what I always fear will come out of baby talk questions.

“How do you get babies?” he said.

I ignored him just hoping he would move on to the next question of the day since his rate of questions has dramatically increased due to no school these days.

He didn't.

He in fact said it again.

I was wondering where in the world his dad was at this moment and if we could call him to interrupt him with whatever he was doing and have him talk to him about this.  I mean he should talk to the boys and I can handle the girls.  I was not wanting to do this conversation now.

Instead I said this …. “Well you can adopt them if they need a family.  That's how babies get here.”

pause.  hoping he accepts it.

He's thinking.

Then he says, “oh cool.   what book is next?”

Oh my word it worked.  I didn't have to say p*nis, v*gina, s*x or any of those words to my sweet innocent 6 year old son.  He now only thinks kids get into families through adoption.

Crisis averted.

For today that is.

adm and eve

Jamie Ivey