the other night i started finding all these people that live in their RV's and travel the world. How cool is that? Please don't think of your grandma's RV, but these RV's are P.I.M.P and I think they are so pimp I was willing to sell all my stuff and get one for our family. I haven't told Aaron about this new lifestyle yet, but you never know!

I was lurking over at one of my new RV-living-family blogs that I've been reading and they posted a family photo for their “the 12 project” for the year. I was intrigued so I followed the link back to this blog (these peeps seem so cool and might be at The Stone on Sunday 3/7) where they posted their family picture and explained more about the project.

Take a picture of your family each month and then at the end of the year put them in a book. Wow what a fun project. What fun will it be to look back at these pictures at the end of 20 years!

I kept following blogs and I think I found where it originated. (by the way check that blog out – very cool!)

So, I think I'm up for the challenge. You? I'd love to see your family each month! Let me know when you post your family pics!

Here's what I could come up with for us w/out any planning!

Okay so for January I couldn't pick just one, so I picked two both from the day we flew home to Austin with our sweet boy Amos. The first one seems like a silly choice b/c no one is looking, but to me I see so much more. I look at this pictures and see Amos and Story laughing and smiling at each other. They hadn't seen each other in 3 months and when Story left she was very sick. I also see Aaron giving Cayden his undivided attention even among the crazy-ness of that moment. I see me smiling and looking at my family with complete exhaustion.

The next picture is our first family picture and of course it's at our home on our trampoline! I love it so much. Bush took this picture and I just love it!



February was a crazy month. Honestly i DO NOT KNOW WHERE IT WENT. For real. I can't tell you one thing that happened in February. It was crazy. We didn't get one family picture together . So nothing in February. We'll pick back up in March!

I cant' wait to see your family pics each month!

Jamie Ivey