Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and encouragement on my recent blog about adoption being so hard.  You are all super sweet and I really do COVET  your prayers and encouragement.

Today has been a hard day.  It wasn't until 2:30 that I even got out of my jammies and into the shower.  I have had lots of chocolate today and that makes me smile!  I just got on my skimpiest bikini and I'm heading out to our pool aka ‘the purple elephant pool' to get some rays, watch my boys have fun, relax and read a good book.  Don't worry I don't wear this bathing suit out in public for a few reasons … #1 I have birthed a child and don't exercise enough to shed the belly jiggle and #2 i love chips & salsa too much to shed the belly jiggle!!!  Oh and all the chocolate I've had today doesn't help either!  My boys don't judge me and i like that about them!!!

So, I have decided to pick myself up by my boot-straps and not be down about our adoption.  God is in control.  I do know that.  It is just harder to tell yourself that and believe that when things don't look the way you “think” they should look.

If you have called today and I haven't answered, please bear with me.  I just cry every time I talk about this, so give me a day and then we'll catch back up tomorrow.  🙂

So, today is still the day that God has made.  I still have two beautiful boys here that need a mommy that isn't stuck on the couch all day crying.  I am going to try and choose to trust and believe, instead of doubt and worry.  Not easy, but minute by minute we'll try to make that choice.

One thing that has made me happy and smile all day long is the fact that there is a family in Haiti TODAY picking up their son.  They have had a hard, long road and I couldn't be happier for them.  Seriously it has been long and hard to get their son.  T & J, I am SO HAPPY for you guys.  I woke up this morning thinking of you and what this day holds for you!  I would give you all the link to their blog, but it's private, so you must trust me when I say this is a VERY HAPPY day for this family!!!

Love to you all, and thanks so much for your encouragement!  83 more days until I see my kids in Haiti!