I follow a blog of a lady here in Nashville who is carrying a baby that is not supposed to live much after her delivery.  I cry every time I read a post of hers.  I am always snapped back into reality after reading something about her journey.  It is amazing how God can do so much in your own life just by hearing about someone else's life.

Today I read this post and cried through the entire thing.  She talked about her child becoming a legacy and God doing good out of her short life.  I urge you to go and read this post and her other posts as well.

The kids were waiting for me in their room to read to them before nap time while I read this posts.  I dried my tears, wiped my face and headed in to read Go, Dog. Go! to them before nap time.   The minute I sat down on Cayden's bed and they surrounded me I lost it.  I began the ugly cry and they looked at me with shock.  They each began hugging me and asking me why I was crying.  Cayden was wiping tears from my face as Deacon clung to my chest.  I looked at them both and told them that I loved them so much and I was so thankful that God chose me to be their mommy.  I told Cayden I was glad that God put him in my belly so I could be his mommy.  I told Deacon that I was glad that God put him in J's belly so that I could be his mommy.  I told them I was glad that God put Amos & Story in Haiti and chose me to be their mommy.  They just smiled and asked me to hurry up and read the book.

I am thankful for my kids.  I am thankful that I'm their mommy.

I am thankful for Angie and thankful that she was chosen to be Audrey's mommy.