Thank you to everyone who has donated to the ladies in Haiti. Steven and Clay will be driving the stuff for them up to Anderson, IN tomorrow. I am so thankful that Steven put this together and is taking a day out of his life at home to do this. Thanks to you, Steven! If you want to help with gas, he would greatly appreciate that.

Our church asked people to bring stuff and I know that they had lots at the office for Steven to take to them. It is fabulous to see everyone come together and do stuff for other people.

Aaron and I are extremely thankful because this stuff will benefit our son who is living at the rescue center that Licia runs.

Tonight I had a moment in my garage. I save all the boys clothes in bins in the garage. This has come in very handy with Little Boy since he is wearing all of Big Boy's old clothes. I have hardly bought Little Boy anything and he has gotten great wear out of all the clothes that I saved. Now that Little Boy is out of all the little baby clothes they are still in my garage in bins. Tonight I went to the 6-9 months bin and looked at all the clothes that both my boys looked so cute in; I was torn. I wanted to keep the “good” ones for myself. I mean, what if we have another baby? What if I need these? Then I began to wonder how long they might have to sit in those bins before we have another baby, since that is NO WHERE on the radar around our house. Then I thought about all the kids in Haiti that could wear these clothes. BUT my mind told myself … they are GAP, The Children's Place, and even POLO …. I should keep them! They are nice. But in all reality, the children that wear these clothes will have NO IDEA what the GAP is or anything else. To them, they will just be a shirt, or a pair of pants. They will love them, and they will be grateful for them. They will be much more used in Haiti then in a bin in my garage.

That was my moment for the night.

Jamie Ivey