Yes we made it safely to TEXAS on the airplane the other day. Big Boy was SO EXCITED to fly on an airplane and did so well. He kept waiting for the plane to arrive and told everyone he came in contact with that he was going on an airplane! They all laughed b/c so were they and everyone else that was around us!!!

We had to walk down stairs to the plane outside and then up stairs to get on it. UGH for a mom with two toddlers, a carry on bag, a backpack full of toys and snacks and a stroller. BUT a very nice man and lady helped and we made it on the plane just great. Big Boy was hilarious b/c he was in front of me and by the time I showed the lady our ticket so she could tell me what row we were in (not sure why I didn't figure that one out while we were waiting for the plane, but oh well) Big Boy had already planted himself in the first seat he found and was trying to get buckled up!!! I laughed at that one and had to convince him that our seats were somewhere else.

Little Boy fell asleep about an hour into the flight and slept for 30 minutes. I was blessed b/c that morning I had prayed specifically for three things. #1 that no one would have to poppy on the plane. #2 that Little Boy would sleep some, and #3 that Big Boy would not need to potty. The first two were great and about 20 minutes before we landed Big Boy informed me he needed to potty. So off all three of us went to the little potty in the back of the Continental Express Jet. It was a tight squeeze, but we made it and Big Boy went potty while I reminded him ever 5 seconds not to touch anything and Little Boy kept occupied by completely emptying the entire roll of toilet paper!!! At least he was touching anything on the nasty floor!!!

Our trip has been fabulous and I feel as though we've done so much. We drove to Tyler yesterday to visit the flowers. Seriously three weekends in March they have the azalea trail and the flowers were beautiful!!! It was just my mom, my grandma, my aunt Sarah and myself since Kristen and her mom kept the boys for us! Then we had dinner with the Kiel's and enjoyed that so much as well.

Today we were up early and drove to Palestine to ride the train from there to Rusk. Big Boy loved riding on a “thomas” and both of them did fairly well considering we were on that train for an hour and a half there and then had an hour and a half for lunch, and then an hour and a half back!! Little Boy finally crashed on the way back.

I have been running here and it has been hard. My parents work at Trinity Pines Conference Center and there is a mile loop around the camp that I've been doing. Half of it is up and half of it is down. Wow the up part is hard! I ran 8 miles on Friday in one hour and 14 minutes. I have never run continuously for that long in my entire life. I think I'm ready for this half marathon to be over! 4 more weeks! My knee has not bothered me in a few weeks. After the last time it started hurting so bad I took some time off and things have been better. I'm now only running about 3-4 times a week instead of 5-6. I also usually take a mortin after long runs and ice my knee after long runs too.

Okay well I must get back to their house since I”m in the office using wireless internet. Tomorrow is lazy day for us! Yeah! Tuesday we're off to Brownwood to visit Mimi and then Wed and Thursday night we're in Fredericksburg!!! Then on Friday my hubby flies in and we head to his parents house for the weekend. I CAN NOT wait to see him. I miss him! He is home alone and I know he is missing me!!! Love you baby!

Jamie Ivey