This Fall holds something for me that is super new. For the past few years I have been speaking to a handful of MOPS groups around town and I loved every single one of them. Talking to women about the gospel and encouraging them as we all journey through this life is one of life's greatest joys for me. I love to stand up before women and say “I don't have it together, but Jesus is everything to me. I am a failure, but with HIM I am strong.” That is what I love to proclaim.

Recently I spoke to some women at my own church. I have never in my life been more nervous about a talk then I was then. It's one thing to go to someone else's church, but to teach your own people, that was nerve wracking to me. They are my people. They are who I do life with. There's more to gain and lose there for me.

It was by far my favorite time ever to teach, and I loved feeling as though truly the Holy Spirit was there and helping me be bold and strong.That Sunday started a semester full of teaching for me. A few MOPS groups, a conference in IN, and leading a group of girls through Stuck at my church, is what this Fall holds for me. What a great semester for me!

You see teaching is something that I love and am passionate about, but what makes me love it the most is not just the day of teaching, but what God teaches me in the whole process is priceless to me.  Teaching is new to me. I'm growing in it a lot, and most days I feel uncomfortable in it, but God continues to open doors for it, and for that I will keep walking through it.

So, for those of you at the downtown-AM-Austin-Stone-women's-gathering (gosh that's a mouth full) and the Hill Country Bible Round Rock MOPS group (another mouth full), it was so good to be with you. For the other MOPS groups and the Influence ladies gosh I'm so excited to be with you this Fall. God is doing great things, and it's a JOY to spend time with you encouraging you and talking about our great GOD!