This past year I have begun subbing at my kids school. I was a teacher in my pre-kid life for a few years, and so honestly I do enjoy being in the classroom, but that's not the reason I do this. The reason I substitute teach is because I want to spy on my kids! Not really spy, but be around them and their friends. You see one of the hardest things for me when my kids started school was just not knowing much about their lives from 8-3. Teacher conferences are great, and stories around the dinner table are good, but I wanted to really peak into their world while they were at school, and fortunately for me my kids think it's super cool when I'm their teacher. I realize that will end sooner than later, so until then I'm soaking it up.

While being back in the classroom this year and having four kids at home, I've noticed some things about teachers and why they are amazing!

#1 – You teach other kids all day and then have to come home and teach your own kids. Being a teacher is draining not only physically and emotionally, but also mentally. Every time I'm in the classroom I'm learning something new. How am I supposed to be able to remember the stages of a life cycle that I learned in 2nd grade?  I learned about that all over again last week. So after I taught kids all day, I had to come home and do homework with my own rascals. I was so tired. Literally last week I subbed three days and each day I would come home and nap (you know the napping where you are half asleep, and half awake.  Where you can answer questions from kids and break up fights, but you are still “asleep”.) on the couch from 4-5 while my kids did whatever they wanted.

#2 – Teachers hear all about everyone's personal life. At my kids school they have community circle every morning and afternoon where the kids share about their weekend, their night, their day, whatever they want and let me tell you, kids will share! After subbing and hearing some crazy stuff I've started to wonder what my kids have shared with their classmates that might be true but sounds crazy out of context, or something that is entirely not true either! Last week a girl shared about how her mom and dad are fighting and her dad always sleeps in the guest room. Then another girl shared with me that her cousin has been sick lately with herpes! I was dying on the inside. She then said that actually she couldn't remember what was wrong with her, but it might be herpes. Dying. Oh teachers I know you hear a lot and only believe about half of it, right?!?

#3 – Planning out my meals. I know this is nothing new to all of you people that work outside the home, but for me to get up and get ready and feed all of us in the morning and make sure we all had a lunch was an act of God. I'm used to feeding my children, obviously, but I'm not used to eating breakfast with them, and bringing my own lunch. Oh and you teachers have about 17 minutes max to eat your lunch and sit in peace. By the time you drop off your class in the lunch room and then get to your lunch you are halfway into your lunch time. Bless you teachers.

#4 – Your teaching never ends. Having four kids I feel like I'm answering questions all day long with them. They are constantly curious, and also constantly talking. Throw in with that that they are constantly learning how to live with their siblings and get along, so there's lots of fighting and learning to get along. While I was teaching I had 18 kids listening to everything I said, and constantly asking questions and learning to function in a classroom together with all their friends. You are constantly guiding, and that is draining. Thank you for guiding our youngsters when they are with you.

#5 – The rain is not your friend. Here in Texas we need rain desperately but I'm guessing if teachers could ask God a favor during the school year it would be that it would only rain at night and preferably be dry by the time recess started. Seriously, when I subbed last week it was raining all day and I, er, I mean those poor children were going stir crazy. Inside recess is not recess no matter how you phrase it!

Teachers you are awesome! You deserve way more accolades than you will ever receive. Keep teaching. Keep loving. Keep guiding. Keep changing the world!

teacherWay back in the day I taught these young people!

Jamie Ivey