Last year I brought Cayden's teacher a gift for the first week of school. I of course got the idea from my friend Amy who always has the cutest gifts EVER for her kids teachers. I am always telling her that she makes me so mad because she has the cutest stuff ever! Ha, I'm really just very jealous that my mind doesn't work like hers does!

Here's a pic from her “muffins from Mabry” gift for this year:



And what about “Java from Jack” … oh my word:



She's getting those to-go containers of coffee (the ones with the spicket on them for large groups) from Starbuck's and putting the signs on them with some styrofoam cups by them and then giving his teachers their own mugs to keep. Oh my word how cute!

You see how cute her packaging is. Look at mine. Plain jane. I need help with packaging!


But here's the cute card on the inside:


I took a picture of him with his teacher on the first day of school and then used that in the card. I love it.

So, this year I'm doing “cookies from Cayden” again because you just can't beat that. Super cute and easy! My dilemma comes in with Amos. What food/candy/surprise/gift starts with an A that I can use for Amos, and do not say apple. No apples.

Do you do anything for your kids teachers the first week? While searching the internet I found this post from an ex-teacher giving some do's and dont's to teacher giving. I agree with all she said. I only taught for about 1.5 before we had Cayden and I hated any gift with an apple on it or if it said “#1 teacher”.  Today I picked up two $5 Sonic cards to drop off to them tomorrow during their work day.  I thought after their last day in their classroom before school they might need a Happy Hour drink!

A few more pics of gifts Amy has done.

This one is a Christmas gift w/ homemade candies:


Here's one she did for Thanksgiving.  She gave this to all Mabry's teachers and even the cafeteria ladies!  How adorable!