Most of my friends here in Austin start school on Monday. A few of them started this past week, and for us, we've been in for weeks now. Starting school around here was awesome. As a work from home mom, getting things done in the summer for work are super hard, so when the kids go back to school it's always a help.

Friday afternoon my girlfriend, Amy, texted me to tell me that her kids were starting school and she had no “first day of school” gift ready for the teachers. She knew, and I knew, that she would pull off something awesome for her teachers, and sure enough later in the afternoon I received a text with this picture:

teacher basket

How stinking cute is that — “I'm looking forward to a souper year!” I loved that and I actually haven't seen that anywhere on Pintrest. She put a soup recipe and all the ingredients needed in the basket for the teacher on the first day of school. If I was a teacher this would be amazing, and so much better than a pack of pencils with my name on them!

This got me to thinking about other stuff that I've blogged about over the years about back-to-school time. You will see that any back-to-school gifts are inspired by Amy, or actually what she did and I just blogged about.


The friendship bracelet that I gave to Cayden on his first day of kindergarten.

What I planned on doing the first year my kids went back to school.

How we try to invite our kids teachers over for dinner.

The Letter I gave my kid's teachers on the first day of school.

Back to School cookies for my kids teachers.

Caramel Apple Dip that Amy made for teachers one Fall.

Muffins from Mabry & Java from Jack gifts … the gifts that inspired Cookies from Cayden.

Oh and be sure and check out my podcast with my teacher friend, Meghan McCamant, b/c she gives great advice for parents!

I want to be a good gift giver, but sometimes it's not my gifting. My friend, Amy, is so good at gifts and her kids teachers are blessed and loved through her gifts.

Do you do teacher gifts on the first day of school? If yes, what do you give?