My sweet Amos has been to lots of doctors appointments lately.  He has been a champ through all of them and we're super proud of him and thankful for great medical care.  When he arrived home we couldn't get him on our insurance right away and we found out that he could get free services through the refugee center here in Austin.  They have been fabulous and sent us to the TB clinic here to continue treatment.

Amos had TB as a child and was treated in Haiti.  When I went to the clinic I brought an x-ray that had been given to me a long time ago that was taken of his chest.  They did more x-rays and seemed to be concerned because it looked the same as the xray from Haiti.  We then had to get three sputem (no idea how to spell that) samples and those showed negative for TB.  They will then let those grow for a few months and that will tell them more information and if he is resistant to any of the drugs.  The doctor said that he is not contagious (which we knew) and they even tested Story, myself and Aaron.  We are all negative (which we knew too!) but I think they just felt the need to make sure!  People do kinda freak when you tell them you travel to Haiti lots and your son had TB as a child.  🙂

So, for now they doctor will feel better if we go ahead and retreat him.  At the time we began treatment we were not sure of his exact meds that he was given in Haiti and so the doctor wanted to re-do them.  I had no idea how serious TB is, but they made me sign all these forms stating that if we didn't follow the treatment plan that they could get a court order to arrest us and send Amos to a hospital for treatment!!!!!  So, someone comes out to our house EVERY SINGLE day (mon – fri) to distribute the meds and then we do them on the weekend.  In a few months we'll switch to twice a week for the meds.

Also last week his poop samples came back and he has 3 parasites.  Poor guy.  I wish I remembered the names that the doc gave me so I could tell you, but I can't.  He is also on medicine for that for 10 days and then we'll re-test!  Which means more poop samples for me!!!

We had a bone x-ray done on him a few weeks ago and of course his age is just as we thought.  I have never questioned his age.  Licia knew his age.  We have pictures way back into his childhood and it is very clear that his birth certificate is wrong.  So the test was good to have, b/c eventually we want to change his birth certificate to show his true age.

So, physically Amos is going through a lot.  He doesn't act like he is, but it is a pain for a little kid to have to be on so much medicine.  Of course none of them taste good!  Pray for his body to heal and for him to not develop any side effects of liver problems with his TB meds.