I am always on the lookout for things that I can add to my home that can help my kids learn to love each other better, love God's word better and love God more.  I have recently added something to my table that my kids use every day that I'm praying and hoping will be used to impress their little hearts and minds.


We eat at least 2 meals every single day together.  Breakfast and Dinner.  Lunch is just Story and I, but even then it's at our dining table.  Meals are so important to us and I believe will be a valuable tool in staying close to our children and helping them learn to love people and love God.  I love to have us all sitting at the table and most days we accomplish that.  We haven't entered the time yet in our lives where all four kids are going different directions and we only eat together a few times a week.  Right now when they are in elementary school they are all MINE at dinner!  Aaron loves to cook, and so it's not abnormal for us to have great meals a few times a week together.  (And by great I mean gourmet … nothing I would ever be able to whip up like Aaron can!)


I say all this to tell you that dinner time is the perfect time to introduce God's word to your kids!  What other time are they doing something that they love to do – eating – they are stuck in one spot – their chair – and you can talk and talk to them about their day and also God's word!!!


I found TABLE TOP TRUTHS and I love them so much!  When I first found the site I was a little worried about how these would hold up with my crazy kids, but we've had ours for a while now and they are as good as new.  Look at these:


We have this one that is all about putting on the Armour of God!  I have a boy one and a girl one for my sweet Story!


We also have this one with all the attributes of God.  Look at those big words!  Mommy is learning new words too!!



And then we have this one that is the days of creation.



My kids are loving these and I think they just might learn something without them even know they were learning anything at all!!


All of mine look like this on the back:

There are other options, but I picked all the ones with the verse John 3:16 on the back.


There are even holiday themed place mats.  I LOVE THEM ALL!!!



I'm a huge fan of these and I think a lot of you will be as well. What a great birthday gift or stocking stuffers!  Grandparents these would be awesome at your house!  Great for Easter baskets or Halloween baskets.  Just kidding about the Halloween baskets!  Who does that?


I emailed them and told them I was going to blog about their stuff because I just loved them so much and guess what???  They are giving me two place mats to give away to a lucky reader!!  How nice of them!


So .. Here's what you have to do to enter …. only two things.  Leave me a comment for each thing and that will be two entries for you!!  Or you could just do one and get one entry.  You do whatever you want!!  🙂


1.  Visit their website:  TABLE TOP TRUTHS and check out all the different place mats.  Then leave me a comment with your favorite one!


2.  Tell me what you do to teach your kids good behaviors.  Whether it's about the bible, God, or just plain treating others with respect.  Share your secrets with us all, because really we're all in this parenting thing together!!!


Contest ends Friday night at midnight.  Spread the word!  Okay if you put it on facebook and/or twitter leave me a comment about that and you get another entry!


So that's really THREE chances to win!  You can also find Table Top Truths on facebook!



***UPDATE*** they just emailed me and told me that I get to pick TWO winners!!!  So, two of you will win two place mats!!! Yippee!!!  Tell your friends!