A few times a month I have people ask us about fund raising for adoptions. Some people are for them and some are against them. We did fund raising for all of our adoptions and people really appreciated being able to help us in our journey. People do love to help. They truly do.

One thing that we have done not only for adoption fund raisers, but also for other journey's that we have been on is to sell t-shirts to raise money. We did this for our Haiti adoption, for two of our trips to Haiti and most recently we sold t-shirts to raise money for a few organizations in Haiti after the earthquake.

The thing about t-shirts is that if you make it cool enough people will buy it. Actually I've even bought some that weren't that cool, but I love helping a good cause! If you go through my closet most of my t-shirts are from fund raisers for adoptions or mission trips. I love buying shirts to support a good cause.

We have always taken orders and then ordered shirts. That way we are not trying to sell those last 3 xlarge shirts that no one wanted. We have some people that just order lots of shirts and sell them and that works well too. Whatever is best for you and your family.

Our friends the Howerton's are selling some super cute shirts that not only benefit their adoptions, but also a great organization in Haiti!  These shirts are so cute …



If you have done any other great fund raises for adoption, feel free to leave a comment to share with us all!

Jamie Ivey