I love the pool.  The pool is so much fun to me, but with little kids it can be a bit stressful.  I'm always counting heads and checking for all the kids.  A few weeks ago my mom came up and I thought that we could handle taking four kids to the pool with the two of us, so we headed to Deep Eddy.  This pool is awesome and might be my new favorite pool to take the kids too.  It is shallow and Cayden can touch all the way across.  There is a HUGE very shallow end that Amos and Story can play the whole time!  I love it!
Nana & Story


The two little boys.  How cute are they?!


All the boys:


Nana and her Ivey grandkids!


Me and my sweet kids!


Amos cracks me up because he is TERRIFIED of the water.  I mean TERRIFIED.  He loves to just hang in the shallow end and have his fun.  I don't have one worry about him ending up in the deep end accidently and drowning.  He loves this alligator thing and even though he has yet to put his whole head under water he always wears his goggles!!  Hilarious!


Look at this face.  Doesn't this look like the face of someone who thinks she's always in charge!!!!


Story has come so far with her swimming and I'm so proud of her!  She'll jump off the sides and swim to the edge with her life jacket on.  She is a fish!