Cayden's been sick since Saturday.  That's five days if you are counting.  Not that I am or anything, but just in case you are!  Some how by the grace of God no one else in this house has caught it.  I am still hoping that this thing passes and takes no one else down.  I think I'd rather everyone be sick at once than have this thing run its course through our house over weeks.  ugh!

Anyhow … Cayden's been spending lots of time with mom and dad and just hanging while other kids play or at school.  I want to share the two things he said this week that were super sweet so I can never forget them.  Actually I want to write them down so that when he's 15 and way too cool for school I can show him that he truly does love his momma!!!

  1. He got an ipod for his birthday (oh I still need to post birthday pics!!) and loves it.  Aaron downloaded all kinds of wonderful music on there for him and most days you can find him walking around the house singing loudly to his favorites.  Aaron of course put the best music on there for a seven year old.  Cold Play.  U2.  David Crowder.  Aaron Ivey (of course!).  The Fray (or The Frey? I'm so not cool!).  One Republic.  Courrier.  DJ Earworm.  Matt McCloskey.  You know all the stuff cool kids listen to.  Well one day he was asking Aaron who was the #2 Best band in the whole world.  Aaron stopped and was thinking and then said, well who is #1, and then Cayden said in the best DUH voice … “YOU DADDY of course”.  AHHHH how sweet!
  2. Yesterday Cayden and I had a little lunch date just the two of us because you can do things like that when you are home sick from school and mom has lots of errands to run!  He picked Chuy's for us and I didn't argue that one bit.  We were enjoying our nachos and salad all while playing a mad game of Checkers when he started talking about using his birthday money.  I was telling him how much he had and he was thinking of things he wanted to buy.  Then he looked at me and with the sweetest voice said “and mom after I buy something I'm gonna buy you a Valentine with whatever I have left over.”  Oh melt my momma heart right there.  I could have given that kid anything in that moment had he asked!

I love when kids are sweet and thoughtful!  Love that boy!  Today there hasn't been a sign of fever, so he just might make it back to school tomorrow!

*Photo by Tim Ivey

Jamie Ivey