Happy Sunday friends! Sunday's are fun day, right. Because they are right in front of Manic Monday's. You know you are singing the song now ….
Anyhow … I have a sick kid, so I am basically stuck inside all day today. Which equals me doing lots of laundry, not getting out of jammies all day, reading lots of blogs, and having football on the tv all day long. Not too shabby of a day if you ask me. Except you realize how much you love your church when you actually can't go.
Here's what I want to tell you this Sunday:
1. I made SWEET POTATO CROCK POT LASAGNA for lunch today. Thumbs up. Super easy!  Also it's gluten free if you are looking for that option!  Aaron said it was the best thing I have ever made.  He's so sweet!

2.  I read these blogs today that I think you might like:

A Brief History of Syria by Simple Mom

Going There:  American & Asian

Pumpkin Bread Shenanigans by The Anderson Crew

The Today Show by Momastary

Military Strike Against Syria?  Dear God. No. by Elizabeth Esther

3.  I'm now more into NFL football then ever before because my brother set me up with a Fantasy Football team.  I still have no stinking clue what I'm doing, or what I'm supposed to do. All I know is that I'm cheering for Tom Brady, Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin, and Reggie Bush today.  Also a few others, but honestly you don't care about them either, so I don't need to list them for you.


4.  Plenty of you shared the post this week on facebook from Mrs. Hall.  I think she lives in Austin, so some of my real life friends probably know her in real life too.  I think she had great intentions when writing that post and so many of her thoughts I understood and heard, BUT I felt like there was such blame and shame on girls in this post.  I don't want to teach my boys that their thoughts or actions are based on anyone but themselves.  I believe that this turns boys into men that will blame their thought life, infidelity, porn addiction on people around them and not themselves.  YES I think girls should be modest, but I am not subscribing to the idea that my boys thought life balances on what the girls around them are wearing.  Do I think girls should be modest?  For sure.  I'll teach Story that.  But I won't teach my boys that what they think is determined by those around them.  Would I love it if my boys never had to look at girls that weren't dressed appropriately?  Sure.  It's not the world we live in.  I want to teach them other ways to fight this.  I was one of those girls she was talking about, and lots of your girls are those girls.  Let's be sure we do offer second chances and don't throw the stones too quickly.  Here's a few other bloggers thoughts on it as well.

5.  Last weekend we had family pictures taken by the awesome photographer Kim Ellis.  I can't wait to show them to you!  The same day we had a small shin-dig at our house and she took this random picture of our family before the party started.


That picture is good enough to be a Christmas card picture, but just wait until you see the ones that she took that will be on our Christmas card!!!


That's my Sunday today.  What's yours looking like?  Share in the comments any blogs you read this week that you liked, or do you have an opinion on the post I talked about above.  I would love to hear your thoughts and I promise to respond!

**I was gonna post this earlier but then spent 3 hours at the ER for them to tell me Story has a virus.  Better safe than sorry I guess!  I love spending $100 to get that news!**