Well today is the first day of our summer. Aaron's on the road and the kids and I are determined to stay busy this summer! I want to be outside lots. I want to make memories with my boys. I want to remember the last summer before Amos and Story are here (hopefully – pray they are home before next summer!).

I decided to make some goals for myself. Do you do that? I work better when I have goals laid out. It keeps me accountable and allows me to really look at what I'm doing and make sure it matters in life.

  • Read four books this summer. *I'm almost done with THE SHACK. I'm in the middle of chapter 11 and have finally started enjoying it. I got through the begining with the tragedy, and then it kinda leveled off for me. This weekend I read chapters 9 & 10 and LOVED them. Made me think lots. I saw this book at Lifeway today. I am seeing lots of people blogging about it. You might want to get in on all the fuss this summer too. If you've read it, tell me what you thought and if you haven't I recommend it.
  • Get my kids outside EVERY day! *this won't be a problem, especially with our new *pool*!!!
  • Go swimming once a week with my kids. *this is hard for me when I'm by myself. Cayden is scared of the water and will barely go past his waist and Deacon is a maniac and has no fear of the water.
  • Sew something. I'm supposed to head over to Tamara's tomorrow to break in my new machine. She has no idea what she's gotten herself into! I want to make something cute as a gift for someone. I want to give home made stuff. How cute!
  • Be consistent with my devotional book I bought today from Lifeway. I had the David book and it got packed up months ago, and so hopefully this Jesus one will rock my world each day.
  • Pack 2 boxes a week – okay this doesn't sound like much, but I HATE packing and this will give me a small head start before we truly have to begin packing!
  • Write my Compassion child a letter once a month
  • Potty train Deacon! *He is so ready and I am so not – potty training takes time and patience, why am I not wanting to get him out of diapers!
  • Put all random pictures in my house into photo albums. I hardly ever have pictures printed anymore and I HATE that. I want to at least put the ones I do have into albums this summer.
  • Only work on computer when kids are in bed or watching tv.  Keep computer upstairs to not interfere with “kid” time!
  • Be in bed by 10:30 each night and wind down by reading and not by watching tv.
  • call my grandma and mimi once a week

So, there you have it. A few goals I laid out for myself this week. What are your goals for the summer?