Remember Summer time?


Swimming pools.

Sun tans.

Coke floats at night on the lake.

Staying up way too late.


Or are you already so far into school and Fall that things that happened this Summer feel like a lifetime away? To me, it kinda feels like a lifetime away since we're all in the football world around here right now. Nothing says Summer is over and Fall has arrived like football games 3 times a week with your kids!


When I was thinking back over the Summer recently I was remembering the amazing things that my kids were able to be a part of this Summer. Family vacations in Colorado and West Texas. Lots of late night movies. Too many outside dinners to count. Plus all them were able to attend camp with Pine Cove.


As a momma there's so much investment that we do into our kids lives. We speak words of truth over them continually. We show them how to be gracious and merciful and loving towards each other. We talk about things that matter in the world. We instill character traits in them that will help them love people around them better, look more like Jesus, and point the world towards Jesus.

But sometimes we need someone to come alongside us and reinforce the same things that we are saying to our kids. They hear us speak God's truths to them, but I want them to hear other people speaking the same truths. They see us imitating the ways of Jesus (as best as we humanly can), but I want them to see others doing the same. We are still cool to our young kids, but it won't be long until I'm not the coolest person they  know, and so I want to put them around some super cool college kids who I know are going to point them to Jesus.


Summer camp at Pine Cove is such a blessing to Aaron and I for our kids. We are confident that our kids are going to be taken care of, have lots of fun, be safe, and most importantly they will learn more about God during their time there. It's a win for them, and a win for us!

This past year our 3 youngest attended Camp In The City with their cousins again, and our oldest went to sleep away camp for the first time with Pine Cove. He was so excited, and had the best week of his Summer!

At the end of their week they invite the parents up for the closing ceremonies and I kid you not I basically cried throughout the entire hour. At one point Aaron looked over at me and just shook his head. He knew that I was getting emotional about what I was seeing.

You see, as a momma when you see people pouring into the life of your child in a way that matters for eternity you can not help but get emotional. I looked around the room and felt as though I was amidst something very special. Something life giving. Something monumental in my sons life. Something that would matter long beyond the days at the pool, time climbing a mountain, or any other fun stuff we filled our days with this Summer.

Pine Cove Camps are doing amazing things in the lives of children and my kids are better because of the investment that is made in their lives each Summer.

So, if you are wanting to take the plunge and send your kids to camp, or even a day camp I'd love to suggest to you Pine Cove. We are thankful for the staff that gives their lives away each Summer for kids, and especially for the four kids that I love with all my heart.

For more information about Camp In The City, click HERE.

For more information about overnight camp, click HERE.

(This post is sponsored by Pine Cove, but all the thoughts are mine and we can't wait to send our kids back to camp in 2017!)

Jamie Ivey