We have been fans of Pine Cove for a while now. Our family has gone to family camp a few times, my  kids have gone to Camp in the City, and this year our oldest will go to camp with a bunch of big kids and no parents (although there will be amazing counselors there!!)!

I grew up going to church camp, and in college I worked at a Summer Camp, so camp is something that I value in my kids lives. It's not just providing fun things for them to do, but it's investing in their whole selves.


At Pine Cove the kids are given so many opportunities to try new things such as horse-back riding, wake boarding (yes they have a wake park), the blob, zip lines, canoeing, and so much more. These activities are done in a safe environment and many  kids experience a new level of confidence when they accomplish an activity that they had never tried before.


Camp life also allows kids to be around other kids their same age and develop relationships. So many campers keep in contact with their camp friends throughout the entire year. It's like the best version of a pen pal because you get to start your relationship by climbing a huge rock wall together!


For me as a momma I'm excited about sending my kids to Pine Cove. I almost view it as a partnership between the Ivey's and Pine Cove. We're partnering together for a week to pour into my kids. They take their job of loving kids well very seriously. When my kids are at camp I know a few things are going to happen.

First, they are going to be pointed to Jesus in all things.

Second, they are going to be pushed to try new things.

Third, they are going to be kept safe while at camp. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Fourth, they are going to have the time of their lives.


If you are looking for a great experience for your child this year, I highly recommend that you check out PINE COVE for your kids camp experience. They have several different locations to choose from, different lengths of camp, and they even have camps for the whole family.


Camp in the City is a great way to get your kids into “camp mode” without actually having to send them off to camp. I know it's hard to send your babies off to camp, and so this is a great way to help them have the camp experience and they still sleep in their own bed under your roof! Basically they get to go to camp and still be home with  mom and dad each night!


Last Summer my nephew joined us for the week and all these kids rocked CAMP IN THE CITY every day. Seriously camp is so awesome for kids and I'm so happy that my kids were able to have so much fun all week with each other, their friends, and wonderful counselors  that Pine Cove provides.

Speaking of counselors … they can make or break a camp, and I have always been 100% satisfied with the staff at Pine Cove. They love Jesus, love kids, and want all the kids to know Jesus and have fun!

If you are looking for a Camp In The City here in Austin, click HERE, if you are not in Austin click HERE. Camp in the city is in 50 cities and nine states. I highly recommend them and know that your kids will love CAMP IN THE CITY!

If you want to look for overnight camps, click HERE.  If your whole family wants to get in the camp mode, click HERE for Family Camp.

*This post was sponsored by Pine Cove, but all opinions are mine.