I sometimes struggle with control.  If you know me well that is no surprise to you.  When I was working at KVET one thing that was always hilarious to me was that when I picked up my kids, or got home from work I was getting to see what they or their babysitter, or their daddy allowed them to wear.  Some days I was upset on the inside because somehow Story had talked someone into letting her wear an outfit that I was saving for something special, or the boys wore the same shirt three days in a row.  Silly stuff guys, but that's my control idol!

Anyhow … now I'm home every morning with my kids, except on Tuesday mornings Aaron does all the work in the mornings because I'm a class that my church is doing called Women's Development.  Yes I'm at a class at 6am folks!

Recently while Aaron was on duty getting kids to school somehow this slipped by him:

Yes, that's Amos with a striped shirt and plaid shorts.  Not the best combination.  I sent this picture to Aaron and said “were you asleep when you walked them to school?”.   He replied with “obviously”.

Jamie Ivey