I have a new friend! Her name is Laura and I think we found each other online through our mutual friend Maris. Don't you just love how the internet works that way. I started following her blog after I saw the adorable shirt she made for sweet August. I have loved her stuff ever since, and she is also an adoptive mom so that is a another connecting point for us.

A few weeks ago she contacted me b/c she wanted to make a gift for Story. I was so excited and told her to do whatever she wanted! I'm not very creative, so I like to let the creative people just do their thang! She then emailed me to tell me she was almost done and she would send me pictures. I emailed her and said no pictures, just send it in the mail! It was like Christmas morning.

I knew when it arrived b/c it was in the cutest little mail package and so we all gathered around (well, I made Aaron stop what he was doing and gather, Story was in the room, and the boys refused to come and look) and opened it up to find the cutest shirt with piano keys on it! I LOVE it so much!

I haven't let Story wear it yet b/c I have the perfect occasion and I can't risk something happening to it before then. Head on over to Laura's blog: Pitter Patter Art to see PICTURESof this adorable shirt!

Picture 4