My number one question that is asked about parenting Story is if I do her hair.  Most people are so curious as to how a white woman could do a black little girls hair.  I usually tell them that I'm still learning and that I can do some really cute puffs!!!  That's about all I got!

Story has been home 18 months on April 23.  Wow it seems like she's been here forever!  Even though she's been here over a year I'm still learning all the time new stuff about her hair.  I'm also always experimenting with new stuff as well.  I think I'll always be learning!

A few months ago I took this picture of all our hair products!  What happens is that you try something and use a little before you find out you don't truly love it so you go buy something else and before you know it you have accumulated all of this:

About 90% of those bottles are 3/4 to 1/2 full.  Meaning I tried them because someone told me to or I found them in Target and then I moved on to something else.  Since this picture I have added two more products into our rotation and both of them were found at Ulta (my first to venture outside of Target/Sally's/Wal-Mart for hair stuff for her).  I also have this neighborhood place that I buy stuff as well.  My latest find there is bows for $1 each.  I love that!

Here's Story's hair right after a bath:

Here is the final “puff” product.  This is the only thing I feel confident doing well!

This weekend Story got her hair done at a salon in our neighborhood.  I have a huge love/hate relationship with place.  I love it because they do a great job and our fairly cheap for the great work that they do.  I hate it because it is so nasty and un-professional that it drives me insane.  I made my appointment for four this past week and at 4:30 when I asked how much longer until we start she told me an hour.  I know it takes about 1.5 – 2 hours to braid and I did the math and was not happy to be sitting there that long with a 3 year old.  Also this past time I noticed a jar of condoms in the bathroom.  Seriously?  I know they are advocating for safe sex, but give me a break.  Weird!

But, look how cute she looked getting it done and then at the wedding last night:

So, what do you use on your daughter's hair if she's black.  What's your favorite product and your one that we should stay away from?  I have lots of readers that have black children and I know we would all love to hear every one else's product advice and routine of doing hair!  Go ahead leave a comment for all of us!