• is happiest when eating
  • is saddest when meal time is over
  • enjoys Barney the most of all the cartoons she has seen
  • has THE BEST laugh in our house right now
  • has the LOUDEST cry in our house right now
  • is still soaking through her diaper and jammies every night!
  • poops every time she sleeps
  • is sleeping SO GOOD!
  • has the cutest shoulder shrug when she dances
  • calls both the boys “deacon”
  • her favorite phrase is “no deacon”
  • loves her Papa when he has food to give her!
  • loves to drink bath water
  • thinks she's in charge of her brothers!
  • can go from happy to sad in a matter of seconds
  • is getting around much better
  • likes to do things on her own time
  • might have possibly said “cayden” “carson” “papa” and “momma” yesterday – they all kinda sounded the same

We are loving having a girl and all the pink that comes along with that!