Happy Birthday Story!

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My sweet baby girl is SIX today.  I remember when we celebrated Story's first birthday with us as she turned two.  She had been home one month and it was so wonderful to have her here for her birthday finally.

We truly believe that Story is going to do big things in her life.  Our biggest prayer for her these days is that she will understand the authority of people in her life.    How can I say this nicely?  She likes to be in charge.  Of everything.  Of everyone.

I think God can use this in her life when she learns who is in charge of her.  Us, God, teachers, etc.  🙂

This weekend we got her hair done and she fell as keep in the chair.  I have seen other little girls do this but never thought I would see the day when she did.  I guess if I can fall asleep when someone is waxing my eyebrows, then she can fall asleep when someone is pulling her hair in all kinds of directions!

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Today we had lunch at the Reeve's house, and so we celebrated her well!

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Love this girl so much and all she brings to our family!  God was so good to us when he blessed us with her!

Jamie Ivey