A couple of weeks ago we were all sitting around the living room and we were talking about Amos. We have always talked about our children even when they are not home with us. It helps bonding for our kids. They KNOW that Amos and Story have always been their brother and sister, b/c for over 2 years now their names have come up EVERY SINGLE DAY at our house. I love it.

Okay back to the story …. we were talking about Amos when Story started pointing towards the wall. She was pointing and saying Amos. I thought she was confused and telling me that Amos was in the other room. I encouraged her that Amos would someday be there, but he was still in Haiti with Licia.

We kept on talking and Story waddled on over to a table behind the couch and brought this picture back to me and said “AMOS”! She has seen this picture there since the day we got home and heard us talking about Amos and had to show me that she had seen him!


It was the cutest thing. She named all the boys and it was so good for me to know that she remembers Amos and that she too thinks about him. I know he thinks about her and it will be a joyous day not only when our boys meet their brother, but when this brother and sister are reunited. Oh Jesus let it be quick! Cayden prayed tonight that Amos would be home before the last day in January. I'm down with that!