I don't realize how much I enjoy the ease of living in Austin with a family that stands out until I arrive in small town Ruston, LA.  In Austin we are never stared at.  I mean really, most people there have something weird about them, or if they don't they are used to seeing the weirdness that is all over our town there.  Tattoos, earrings in places you never knew you could pierce, two woman, two men, men riding their bikes in thongs (yes my mom and I saw this last time we were at Deep Eddy), women who don't shave, men who do …. I'm telling you they are all in Austin . It is the “normal” there.  We LOVE it!  I love how no one gives us a second glance when we walk around.

Now I'm in Ruston, LA and I have been stared at so much since I got here.  I have been gawked at really.  People tapping the person next to them to look at me.  UGH.  I took the kids to Wal Mart to burn some time this morning and you would have thought we all had signs on top of our heads that said stare at us.  We have some friends that live about 30 min from here with two black daughters and I texted her to say how in the world do you do this.

I get that people are curious, but these stares are different.  I'm talking people looking as if to ask, what the heck is that family?  How could that be possible?

Once again this would be reason #764 that I LOVE living in Austin!  People are weird and no one cares!


Jamie Ivey