I am so excited! I finally bought some stockings for my kids. Each year I want to buy nice stockings with their names on them and I can never convince myself to spend the money. Believe it or not, spending money is sometimes hard for me to do. I know, crazy.

I have been saving my “plasma money” and have all the stockings hung up on the mantel. Oh they look cute.

Picture 3

*Don't worry, Amos' is getting ordered soon!

I just ordered this cd to put in one of the stockings: Ross King WORDS THAT RHYME WITH ORANGE

I figure I'll find another cd for Deacon's stocking and Story's.

So …. what do you put in your kids stockings? Aaron says he used to get batteries for all his new toys. My kids aren't getting toys that need batteries. I used to get candy, gum, toothbrush, new socks and undies. What did you get when you were little? What do you do now?