I still get excited when I see the cute little Stitch Fix box waiting for me on my front porch. It's like a little bit of Christmas morning each time. Stitch Fix has a fabulous referral program if you were thinking about starting. When you share your personal link with your friends and they get their first stitch then you get $25 in credit.

Before I tell you about my Stitch from this week I also want to tell you about my friend Noelle's Instagram shop — Denim & Stripes — where she sells vintage, new, and used clothes. She always finds the best clothes and is always putting stuff on sale for all her great customers. Instagram sales are fun, because basically it's just the first person to comment wins and she sends you an invoice via paypal, you pay, and then she ships you your new clothes. Super fun! Since I'm off social media for a while I won't see her sale, but look at this fabulous dress she recently sold.

photo 1

How cute is that dress.  Head on over to her IG and follow her.  Tell her I sent you too!

Okay on to the 9th Stitch …

First in the box were two dresses that at first I wasn't sure about at all. I couldn't tell by just looking at them if I liked them or not. The green one seemed fun, but I wasn't sure if the style was for me. The blue one seemed cute too, but again, I wasn't sure about the fit on that one either.

photo 2

After looking at them for a while in the box and then finally trying them on I decided that I don't think they are my style. The blue one was the closest to what I might wear, but again I didn't love them so I sent them back. Although I'm looking for new summer dresses and had some credit with them I'm sticking with my rule of “gotta love it to buy it”.

Next was something that I've always wanted, but never had the guts to buy: white pants!

photo 3

I have to be honest that I was super excited when I pulled these out of the box, but also as much apprehensive about them as well. Here's the deal about white jeans. In theory they sounds awesome and look great. But in real life they scare the crap out of me. I mean seriously, white jeans, why?  My kids will touch me and get food on them. I'll sit on a bench and get dirt on the butt. I'll brush up against my car and have black spots.

Each time I see someone in white pants/shorts I am envious of them, and also calling them stupid in my head at the same time. Seeing that I wasn't sure what to do, I asked my Facebook friends and it was almost unanimous that I should keep them. So of course, I did and I'm so happy.

I wore them a few nights ago and loved them.  Super cute.

Also in the box was the blue cardigan above and the bracelet. Both super cute, but not anything I need right now. The thought of buying a cardigan with summer right around the corner is plain stupid. I thought the bracelet was cute, but not worth the money when I don't actually love bracelets.

So, the 9th stitch fix was a success with my first ever pair of white jeans!  Who would have thought 36 would bring white jeans in to my life.

If you are interested in Stitch Fix, I encourage you to head on over to the website, fill out the information, and sign up. You have to wait for your first Stitch, so if you want to do it, it's worth doing now!