Stitch Fix Review #8

Well, I got my eighth cute little box delivered to my doorstep last week.  I never knew how much I liked getting new clothes until StitchFix entered my life.  I want you all to know that if you are thinking of this, they have a great referral program! For each person that signs up using your referral code you get a $25 credit to your account. This has saved me and helped provide lots of new clothes to my wardrobe!

I also want you to know that Cayden took all of these pictures and he was cracking me up.  He posed me for each one and you should see all the other ones we took. He was telling me when to smile and where to put my hands and trying to get the sun just right. This kids an artist for sure.

Here are my thoughts on this stitch:

#1  This cute shirt was a hit when I first pulled it out. I love the print, it's short sleeve and super soft. I have asked for more Spring/Summer stuff so this looked very promising. Actually when I put it on though I didn't like it. It was the kind of material that I feel like in the 800 degree Texas Summer would cling straight to my body. It also felt too short. I've decided with StitchFix that if I don't LOVE it, then I don't keep it. I just didn't love this one. Sent this one back.

But I have on my “love” bracelet that I kept from my last box.  Isn't it cute!


photo 1


#2  THIS shirt. Oh my goodness I loved everything about this shirt. It was lightweight, a great color and love the Aztec design. BUT I am dead set on getting stuff for Summer, and this just doesn't fit that criteria. If I had gotten this in my box towards the end of Summer it would be a no brainer, but not now. I'm holding out for Summer stuff.  Sent this one back.

photo 2

#3 & #4 This cardigan was amazing. It has this funky way of zipping that I loved. I also loved the color. Even though I'm holding out for Summer stuff I would have kept this one, but when I zipped it it just felt too tight around my belly, and if there's anywhere I don't like tight it's there. Sent this back.

Next is this cute bag. Now I went back and forth on this forever. I mean who doesn't love a cute bag even if you have 24 already in your closet. This one doesn't look like any bag I own, so I was about to keep it. Then I showed Aaron and my friend Meghan and both of them said this bag doesn't look like anything I would buy. They were right. It just isn't me. I sent this back too.

photo 3

#5 This maxi dress was not something I would ever buy. In fact I felt like I was in a bridesmaids dress when I had this on. Also I had to wear a tank top and that just looked weird underneath it. I think in theory I think I want to wear them, but so far I'm not liking how any of them look on me. So, I sent this one back too.

photo 4
There you have it. My eighth fix and I kept nothing. This was a first time for me, and it did costs me the $20 styling fee, but I'm sticking to my theory that if I don't love it then I'm not keeping it. If you are interested in trying this awesome service out for yourself, read about my other shipments and fill out your own style profile HERE!

Jamie Ivey