I'm still loving my stitch fix fixes!  Some of you realized that I never blogged about my third stitch fix that I received in November.  Well …. I must say it was my worst one yet.  I did end up keeping one cardigan from the box (and I have worn the heck out of it this past week b/c it's red and it's Christmas and it's perfect!), but everything else was no good.  Mostly everything was too small.

BUT last week I received stitch #4 and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  I think one thing that has made a difference this time is that I'm now adding stuff to my board on Pintrest that I linked to StitchFix.  In fact, the stylist mentioned that they used my board to help pick out my clothes this time around.  If you have a pintrest account and are using Stitch Fix I highly recommend that you make a board for them and let them know.  They will use it!

So, here's what I received this box:

This cardigan.  Oh this cardigan.  Y'all this might be my favorite piece of clothing I currently own, and if you see me regularly you will notice that I'm about to wear the heck out of this cardigan!

And the jeans.  Y'all a pair of jeans that fit so perfectly and look great.  I'm in love with these jeans too.

Both of these were keepers!


I had asked for more “wintery” clothes since I don't have very much of that in my closet these days and so they sent me this sweater that I love so much.  It is not tight and makes me feel very comfortable in my skin.  I kept this as well.

photo 2-1

So that makes three things in this box that I kept.  The other two were precious but didn't look good on my body at all, so they were sent back.

That's one of my favorite things about STITCH FIX.  If you don't like it, or it doesn't fit, you just send it back in the prepaid envelope.  It is seriously that easy!

Another thing I love is how they send you a card with each time and how you could wear it two different ways.  For a person who is not a fashionista, this is perfect for me!

photo 1-1

For those of you on the fence, I highly recommend you take the plunge!  There's actually a wait time, so you won't even get your first fix until after the first of the year.  Here's what you do:

#1 fill out an extensive questionnaire about your likes and dislikes

#2 schedule your fix

#3 they charge you $20 when they send your fix for a styling fee – if you buy something they put your $20 towards it.  If you buy nothing, you are out the $20 styling fee.

#4 get your fix – try it on – decide what you will and won't keep – put what you don't want back in prepaid envelope, send it back

#5 LOVE your fixes and share with your friends – for each friend you refer you get a $25 credit – THANK YOU Stitch Fix for that.

It's super fun, super easy, and super convenient.  All things that I love in my life right now.