YIPPEE my newest STITCH FIX arrived this week and I decided instead of making my kids take pictures of me in each outfit (because you know how much they love that!!) that I’d make a cute video for you guys to see what I got in my box. Take note that I’m not a video editor and didn’t take one thing out of this video. I’m a one take kind of person!!

stitch from Jamie Ivey on Vimeo.


Stitch Fix has good news for you ladies out there that are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant soon — They have maternity clothes now!!! You can go in to your profile and update with your date and such! I know that I would have LOVED this when I was pregnant.

I have to say that I liked everything in this box! The t shirts were right up my alley and I only ended up keeping the grey one. The dress was cute, but I wasn’t in love with it, and basically I need to be in love with it for me to buy it!!!

Have you tried Stitch Fix lately? How has it been for you?
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