I received my eleventh Stitch Fix this week and honestly I think this might have been my favorite. (Although I feel like I say that so often!) As soon as I opened the box I felt as though I might possibly keep everything in the box. I have yet to do that and I really want to because when you keep it all you save 25%.

My 10th fix came right before Aaron and I went to Mexico so I didn't even get to tell you about it. I received a beautiful skirt that I have worn on every airplane trip this summer. It's just that kinda beautiful travel skirt!

Here's what I got this time:

Untitled design (8)

1. The Fun2Fun chevron top was so wonderful in the box, but didn't fit me right. I wanted to keep this so badly, but it smooshed my boobs and that isn't a good look for anyone.

2. The Pomelo pink tank is super cute and lightweight. Love it and will be rocking it this week in TN. {Side note I have no idea why I was standing that way. I was walking towards Aaron and he took the picture and it just looks awkward. Forgive my awful modeling skills.}

3. Finally a dress that fits me and is cute. This 41Hawthorn dress is fabulous. I could wear this around town with cute sandals, or put heels on and wear out on a nice date. It's a very versatile dress and that's something I've been needing.

4. The Under Skies blouse is super light and cute. It's a bit baggy and I'm loving that look these days.

5. The Kut From The Kloth shorts were just okay. They seemed to not work well for my body. I wanted to keep them because I live in Texas and can always use another pair of shorts, but they didn't work well for me.

I kept three items and sent two back = I call that a great fix!

If you have been on the fence about trying Stitch Fix I recommend you give it a shot. The shipping is free both ways. You only pay a $20 styling fee and when you buy something your $20 goes towards that.  You only lose $20 if you don't purchase anything and I have yet to have one fix where I didn't keep anything.

*Obviously referral links were used in this post … because their referral program is AWESOME!

Jamie Ivey