As you are buying last minute gifts this year an easy one to add to the mix are gift cards to StitchFix. What a fun way to help someone shop! These are perfect for new moms, busy moms, teachers, or basically anyone in your life that might like clothes delivered to her door. I am trying to think of who would not like that, and I can come up with no one!

I've been a StitchFix fan for a while now and it's always fun to show you my latest Stitch and so you can see the cute clothes and what I'm getting. My stylist is Ali, and she's been working with me for a while now, and I think she's getting my needs and my styles.

I just received a box this weekend and it is full of goodies. These pictures below are from my last Stitch in October. I have been getting them every other month lately and that seems to be working great for me!

When I showed you guys this picture on social media it was funny to hear what shirts everyone said I should pick because I actually picked the one that most of you didn't tell me to!

The one on the top right is the only one I ended up keeping. I admit in the picture it looks a little frumpy, but it doesn't feel that way on, and I don't think it looks that way on either. It's supposed to be loose, and let me tell you that a loose shirt on Thanksgiving day was just what I needed.

The other shirts all look great in the pictures, but didn't look too good on me in person.


Each time you receive a box you receive five items and can keep as much or as little as you like. I honestly have never sent a full box back, and I don't think I've ever kept a full box either. It's whatever you like. If you do keep them all you get a percentage off the entire box.

The thing that has helped me the most with being a StitchFix customer are the referrals. They have a great referral program, and so if you are interested in earning money towards your clothes, they help you with that!

Recently I was able to interview Alexandra, a stylist, and here's what she has to say about StitchFix:


1. How do you narrow down all of the options for your customer?

I love to include an amazing variety of pieces in Fixes that can be paired together in different ways for multiple outfit solutions. I focus on finding the perfect piece that I can build the Fix around, be it a phenomenal fitting pair of jeans or the perfect desk to dinner blazer, then I go from there. I also use fit to narrow down my choices for each client—every piece should make her feel confident and comfortable.

2. What's more important to you, style or customer request?

My first priority is to make sure she gets what she is asking for. The beauty of style is how fluid it can be! Some women use Stitch Fix as a way to find styles out of her normal style comfort zone, so I want to send her pieces that can help her grow and evolve!

3. How much time do you spend getting to know each person?

It takes a few Fixes to get to know someone, which is why I love styling someone more than once. It's just like a relationship! Each Fix allows me to develop her trust and also understand her lifestyle and fashion needs! I always use the note in the Fix to ask her more questions to help me get to know who she is! Each time I style someone for the first time I study her profile and think about how each detail tells me more about who she is. Every question on our profile impacts what goes in your Fix!

4. Would you rather style someone once and have them choose all five, or style them forever and let them choose 1-2 items each time?
My favorite part about being a Stitch Fix stylist is the relationships that I have had the pleasure of building with amazing women all over the country. So, I would love to style someone forever and have them keep one or two pieces each time rather than just have someone choose the 5 items I picked out for them once.

I love the attention to each customer that the stylist take. I know that my stylist feels all the same ways about me that Alexandra feels about her clients!

If you are looking for a last minute gift, how about a gift card! It's super easy to order, and I know that your loved one will enjoy trying out this service for 2016! If you use Stitch Fix I'd love to see what you have been getting lately! Share a link in the comments where you have blogged about your stitches, or tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

Happy shopping!