I think it’s funny that I was out yesterday and a friend asked if my shirt was from Stitch Fix because it was super cute.  It wasn’t actually from StitchFix, but she automatically thought it was because I have told you guys about Stitch Fix so much.

I got my sixth stitch last week and let me tell you that I loved EVERY.SINGLE.PIECE of clothing they sent me.  For real.  Several of you have asked me about how I keep getting stuff that I love.  Everything changed when I linked a Pintrest board of mine to my Stitch Fix profile page.  I guess they look at it, because it helped so much.

Also this time my stylist wrote me a note and thanked me for blogging about my clothes.  Gosh I feel like I am getting complete personal service!

So on to this month’s fix ….

This cardigan.  Oh this cardigan.  My friend Amanda got this a few months ago and raved about it.  When I pulled this out of the box I was so stinking excited.  This is so me.  BUT here in Texas we are almost done with our cold weather, and so I thought I’d like to save some of my money for some Spring stuff in my next box, so I sent it back.  It was hard to do, but the right choice.
photo 2

Now, when I pulled this shirt out of the box I didn’t think I would like it.  It’s not a color I would normally pick, and I have no shirts this style.  But then I put it on and loved it.  I think I loved it mostly because I don’t have anything like it, so it’s a great new thing for me.  I also am happy to have a nicer shirt for Spring that I can dress up if need be, or be totally casual in my jeans, which let’s be honest … that’s my norm.  This one is a keeper and I love it with my new Noonday necklace.

photo 3

 Finally this sweater and this purse.  Oh my.  These two might be my two favorite things I have ever received in my boxes.  Love this sweater so stinking much.  It’s pretty thin, and so I felt like it would be good for Spring as well.  It’s also baggy, and that makes me happy because I’m not a fan of tight things on my belly.  This shirt also goes great with this necklace from Noonday that’s made in Ecuador.

Then the purse.  I was so happy to see a purse in my box!  I’m not a purse person, and would honestly wear a purse until it fell apart after years of wear. So, this was super fun to get a new purse.  I just love everything about this!

photo 1

 That is four items, and if you are counting there should be one more.  The fifth piece was a pair of jeans that didn’t fit, and I didn’t think anyone deserved to see a picture of me in jeans that wouldn’t zip or buckle.   They were cute and had they fit I would have kept them.

This fix was awesome and I ended up keeping 3/5 items.

If you have thought about it, but aren’t sure, here’s some reasons I love it:

– I don’t leave my house to shop because someone does it for me.

– Whatever I don’t like I send back in a pre-paid envelope

– My $20 style fee goes towards whatever I purchase

– They are picking out things I love and things that are out of my normal box and helping me expand my wardrobe

There’s also a waiting list, so head on over to STITCH FIX, make your in depth style profile and schedule your fix!  Then come back and tell me how much you love it!

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