This picture warms my heart so much!  These are our kids with our dear friends the Stewart's kids.  They live in our neighborhood.  They have lived here much longer than us.  We live down the street from them.  Kimberly has been such a mentor to me as I've ventured through our neighborhood.

What makes me so happy about this picture is that when I look at it I see that someone is missing.  From now until the Stewart's bring their son home from Haiti I will always see the picture as not being complete.  I know Kimberly sees that too.  There is one more Stewart kid not in this picture.  There will be 8 kids between our families.  FOUR of them adopted and THREE of them from Haiti.

How good is God to know before the beginning of time that we would end up moving to this street where our friends live with our 2 kids from Haiti and within 9 months of us moving here they would begin an adoption from Haiti.  One day all eight of our kids will play and we will all be connected to Haiti through our kids.

I have shown my kids pictures of the Stewart's son in Haiti.  Amos comments each time that he will be his friend when he comes home.  Isn't that so sweet.  Melt my heart each time!