Some of my friends have little babies and are struggling with finding time to get in God's word like they did before having babies.  You wouldn't think that such a little person would make life so hard sometimes.  I mean it's just sitting down to read the bible.  That doesn't seem to be that big of  a deal, but if you have had babies you know how hard that cute little bundle of joy can make spending time with God.

I've thought back over the years of my time as a mom and my time with God and I have a few ways to encourage you new moms with how you can still spend time in God's word.  Hear me when I say this, it may look different.  In fact it for sure will look different.   Gone are the days of getting yourself that awesome cup of coffee and sitting in your special place for an hour while reading and listening to music.  That time will return, but some of you have babies that are literally attached to you so many hours of the day.  Bless you!   If you are able to get up before your kids I highly recommend – although I'm clearly aware that some of you have been up all night with babies nursing and the thought of getting up any earlier is out of the question!  Here are some ways you can still meet with God even if your time seems spread so thin with your new way of life as a mom.

Open your bible and leave it open.

All day long.  In the same place.  When my babies were little I would open my bible in the morning and read some, and then someone pooped so I'd have to get up.  Then I would get distracted and 2 hours later I would have a moment and I would sit down and read some more.  Then I would get distracted and 2 hours later I would come back and pray.  You see the pattern.  My bible was always there waiting.  Get your bible, your journal, your notecards and put them on your table and leave them there all day, so that when you do have 10 minutes you are ready to go.

Listen to God's word.

There are so many options these days to hear the word of God.  I have recently downloaded an app to my phone called “fighter verse” which I highly recommend.  I can pick portions of scripture and my phone reads it to me.  Isn't that awesome!  I can do this in my car.  I can put headphones on while I'm doing dishes.  I can listen while I'm all alone for 5 minutes on the toilet, because we all know this might be your only alone time all day long!

Pray without ceasing.

This is a actually a command from God, so I can take no credit for this one.  1 Thesesalonians 5:17 says just that, “pray without ceasing”.  Moms, we can do this.  Talk to God throughout the day.  Ask him to get you through the temper tantrum.  Bring your requests to him.  Write down scripture and place around your sink and laundry room, because Lord knows we spend all of our time in there.  Read it while you are there.  Pray it while you are there.

Y'all I understand the sheer exhaustion that comes with motherhood.  I understand the need to sleep when they are sleeping.  I understand the amount of dishes and laundry that can accumulate during one day with one baby, and when you add more babies it gets out of control.  I get this.  I do.  I also know that God is here for you.  His word is to be a lamp to our feet.  It's water to our soul.  Remember that, and try to quench the thirst of your soul with God's word.  It might look different than pre-kids, and it might look different every single day, but trust God to work in your heart with any amount of time in the word that you get.  

 Join the discussion:  How have you stayed in God's word now that you have little babies?  For those moms that are way more seasoned than some of us … what are your tips?  Share with us!  

Jamie Ivey