I can't tell you how many people have emailed, called, and sent texts asking us what they can do now to start the adoption process to Haiti. On one hand this is awesome. God is moving people's hearts towards adoption in a huge way and for that I'm thankful. On the other hand I worry about trying to start that process right now. I mean offices are demolished where adoptions took place. Demolished. Done. Orphanages are now scrambling to find supplies to feed the children, clothe the children and get clean water for the children. From what I understand it is chaos in some, if not most, places.

In my most uneducated opinion I would advise you to wait and pray. Pray for all the children that just lost one or both parents. Pray for the orphanages there. Right now they can't even take care of the kids that were already there due to lack of supplies since the earthquake. There will be a HUGE need for families to adopt from Haiti. Heck, there already was. The Haitian adoption process is not an easy one, and now it will be even harder I'm guessing. Ask God to guide your heart in the direction it needs to go.

Am I saying you shouldn't adopt from Haiti – absolutely NOT.  I think you should.  Yes please.  Children need families.  I'm just saying it is crazy there now.  Be patient.  Contact an agency.  See what they say.  Be patient.  Prepare to wait.  Prepare to be flexible.

If you would like to contact an agency that deals with Haitian adoptions I'm sure they could give you a much more educated opinion in all this. They would know much more than me. I'm just a mom giving my opinion. Take it or leave it. If you have any more resources or information about this feel free to leave it in the comments so everyone can see it.

UN headquarters

*I found this picture on someone's fb. Please forgive me for not asking permission to use it, but I don't remember where I got it. This is a great example of government offices that are demolished.

Jamie Ivey