Today our St. John campus opened and as I sat in worship I literally got tears in my eyes as I realized that when we first moved here two years ago is when they started talking about this.  The first time I heard them dream about a center for non profits to be housed in and serve the community I cried.  The dreams that they were dreaming were huge and amazing!  I was so happy to be at the Stone and to be in Austin!

I brought  my camera to the “practice run” we had a few weeks ago at the church.  I was so excited for the whole day!!!


Look at those cute kids in front of our new sign.  I've had to explain to them about a million times that this is the same church just in a different building!


The kids with two of our fearless leaders, Jamie & Becca outside of the Kid Stuff entry!


My sweet friend Meghan that I teach with at the 11:15 hour.  We have 3-5th grade girls.  I am loving teaching them and hearing their sweet hearts each Sunday. They sometimes say the funniest things!


Kid Jam!  One of my favorite things about Kid Jam lately is seeing Cayden in there.  He is so funny and so reserved.  I wish they could see the kid that belts out with all he has in my van as we jam to “oh happy day”!  A different kid.  But I love seeing him in there and feel as though I can talk to him so much more about what happens at church because I am in there as well!


Becca has this thing with  my boys that they always arm wrestle.  It is so cute!