Two months ago the flu struck our house and took Aaron down. He was so sick and miserable for that week. I remember at one time thinking to myself, “geez I kinda wish I had the flu so I could lay in bed for a week and do nothing”.  I mean it seemed glorious.  I took care of the kids, did all the laundry, cooking, cleaning and everything I normally do while he laid in bed and did nothing except watch tv and have me bring him things for 5 whole days.  Seemed dreamy.

Now I'm the one sick this week and I'm finding out that when mommy is sick it's not the same as when daddy is sick.  When daddy is sick the house moves on and not much changes.  When mommy is sick it's as if the whole world is off and nothing is working right.

You see two things are against me this week while I'm sick.  The first thing is that my kids are still on Spring Break.  We get two weeks and I love it, but this week has not been fun for them, and I hate that for them.  Why am I feeling guilty for being sick?  Mom guilt is never fun or productive, I know this, and still fight it.  Last week we spent Spring Break doing stuff around the house, and this week was reserved for getting out and doing stuff around Austin week.  Slight change of plans when mom comes down with strep throat.  In fact Monday, I had on my running clothes and we were about to head out to Town Lake and walk around and feed dugs and explore when I got sick.  It hit me like a ton of bricks and I haven't spent much time off the couch since then.

The other thing that is against me when I'm sick is that even when mommy is sick, daddy still has a job!  You see, when the tables were reversed and Aaron was sick my life still went on as well.  Aaron's life is still going on as well too, it just means that all my life around the house is not getting done.  Laundry is so behind.  Dishes piled up.  Stuff everywhere.  Aaron has done a good job of picking up and having the kids do stuff, but seriously it's not how I would do it and once again mom guilt comes in.  I feel guilty for laying on the couch all day while sheer chaos spins around me.

Since my kids have been home this week they've watched way too much tv and played way too many video games for my liking.  I started feeling guilty about this, when Aaron reminded me that this is Cayden's idea of the best Spring Break ever.  Unlimited tv and gaming time.  Dream come true for him.

You know when you are sick you just want to veg out and watch trashy tv all day long.  If I could find a Real Housewives of anywhere on a tv marathon it would make my sickness that much better.   Or an all day Law&Order SVU marathon.  Unfortunately it would not have been appropriate for me to watch these shows with my children around, so I've had to endure way too many kid movies during my sickness.

So, this week has not been the best week of Spring Break at the Ivey household, but it is what it is, and maybe God thought I needed to slow down and rest.  My kids have been gracious to me and haven't acted like this is the worst week of their life either.  I'm so extremely grateful to friends that have watched my kids while I went to the doctor, taken them out of this house, brought me food, flowers, and desserts.