Compassion International is something that has become very dear to our hearts. We first learned of all that Compassion does a few years ago when Aaron went on a Compassion trip to Peru. It was there that he saw first hand all that goes on at each project on a day to day basis.

We are both ashamed to admit how long it took us to sponsor our first child. Looking back we are not quite sure why it took us so long, or what was our hold up, but none the less we hate the years we missed out on sponsoring a child. I think I was selfish. I would look at the packets and not see a person, but yet see a picture. These pictures are actually people. The packets they pass out our lives. They are people. They are in need. They are getting hope through Compassion International.

Aaron went to Peru a few years ago to meet the little girl that we sponsor. Her name is Kiara and from what I hear she has some spark to her. She was the first little girl that Aaron fell in love with in his life! We treasure each letter that we receive from her as she seems wise beyond her years. Aaron traveled to her home and her mom showered him with her best. She sent a basket home for me as a gift that we display proudly in our living room.

We are honored to be her sponsor. Oh how I pray that someday I will get to meet her as well!

I want to introduce you to WILMER DE JESUS PENA ROSARIO who lives in the Dominican Republic and is 9 years old. He looks like such a handsome young man! He has four children in his family and he participates in bible class through his project.

Wilmer in DR

I'm wondering if this Christmas season if you would like to make Wilmer's life a little bit better. As a sponsor, you help your child participate in a church-based program that offers life-changing benefits, including help with learning development, health care, social skills development and Christian training. Your child will receive an education, health care and most importantly the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ.

For as little as $38 per month you can make Wilmer's life drastically different. His destiny will be changed because of the opportunities that will be opened up for him.

I have Wilmer's packet right here on my desk. If you want to sponsor him I'll send you the packet and your life will forever be changed. Let me know!

Jamie Ivey