We have seen two black widows around our house this week. I don't know much about them, but Aaron told me they are the MOST deadly spiders alive. Is he correct on this one?

We have not seen our backyard in a long time because of the heat that has been hitting our area lately and when we ventured out there this morning to play before the sun could get straight up over our yard we found tons of spider webs. I wonder where all those spiders are hiding?

Just now I heard a loud scream from downstairs and thought Aaron had fallen down or something. Then it was quiet. Then I hear him yelling for me. I run halfway down the stairs and he yells for me to stop and be careful there is a HUGE spider under the bottom step. I tell him to kill it and he says he can't. He is scare of spiders. So, being the wonderful wife that I am I came to my husband's rescue and killed the HUGE spider (it really wasn't that big!).

Enough excitment for our night … I'm off to bed where we will probably have spiders crawling in our bed as we sleep.