Monday marked four weeks of my social media fast. When I started this I thought I would update you guys every week on all the things I wanted to say on social media, and how I was doing with the absence of it in my life.

But then I realized that you probably don't care.

When I stepped back from all the 140 character thoughts I realized that these thoughts are not what you want to hear from me. I haven't shared any pictures of my new Stitch Fix box, I didn't get to tell you that I went to Magnolia Cafe at midnight Monday night just because all my kids are gone and I can do something crazy like that, I didn't share the pictures of the most amazing tacos that Aaron made the other day, and I didn't share any of my pictures from Amos' birthday party this weekend.

The thing is that all those thoughts above I did share with some of you. It was in a personal message. A text message. A conversation. A phone call. That is making me happy.

What's happening in my head is the best part of all of this. I tried to explain this to someone the other day and the best I can say is that I feel as though there's more space. I spend ZERO time during the day reading about other people's lives. ZERO.

I spend zero time during the day peeping into strangers lives via instagram that I don't even know.

I spend zero time following people's witty thoughts via twitter.

What I am spending time on are my thoughts. I've been wrecked about the sex trafficking that is happening in my city. I've been driven by the places. These brothels are 5 minutes from my house. I've listened to stories of women in my city that are forced into this industry. I've been praying for some of them by name, and my heart is bleeding for them.

I'm spending my time looking at my kids. I am writing this from the airport and as I walked through the terminal do you know what everyone is doing? Looking down. All of them on their phones. Families on vacation and they are on their phones. Couples getting away and they are all looking down. I have no idea if my kids have noticed, and honestly they have no idea what I'm doing, but I pray that I will be more aware when this is over. I pray that I will hold their hand more when this over and not my phone so much. I pray that I will take pictures of them to keep as my memories and not to share with hundreds of people that don't really know us.

And since I can't Instagram that I'm leaving on a plane to get away with my man I'll leave you with this picture.

Photo on 6-3-14 at 7.52 AM

Don't I look so happy? It's because I am!! ย It's just him and I for 7 days. We haven't been on vacation for this long since our honeymoon. I hope that we don't get tired of each other!

And yes that's my new Stitch Fix skirt that I'm completely in love with. If they lose my bags on the way I could easily wear this for a week because it's so comfy!

Also for your enjoyment here's the KXAN interviewย that my friend Meghan and I did a few weeks ago about our social media fast. It was fun to share our journey and the news anchor was so sweet that I'm gonna stalk her and make us be real friends.

Jamie Ivey