All three of our boys are playing soccer this Spring.  I love sports and I love being the sports mom.  I sometimes dread practices and games at 8:30 on Saturday's, but I know I will love being the mom to all the Ivey boys during sports seasons!

We weren't sure about putting Amos in soccer so soon, but we also didn't want him to feel left out, so we signed them all up and made sure that him and Deacon were on the same team.  I wanted him to have someone he knew with him and it helps me not having to do 3 practices and games a week!

I really stink at taking pictures these days, but lucky for me Leslie has taken some & my friend Julie was at a game a few weeks ago and got some good pics of the boys.  Thanks Julie!  Now my mom won't yell at me for not having any pictures!  Now if you could just come to one of Cayden's games I'd be set!  😉

deacon amos




ouch deacon ellie