When my alarm went off this morning I reached for the tv remote control to see if the schools were closed, and YES they are – we have a SNOW day! Which cracks me up b/c there was no snow on my yard, jut the driveway and my car – but I'll take it. So, we are cooped up all day and the kids are enjoying looking out the window at the snow! I have a video that I'll post later of them looking out the window. Cayden asked me what snow says … don't worry he came up with an answer!

Since we had snow day we didn't do the normal daily waffles and fruit for breakfast and mommy made eggs!!! Yeah for snow day the kids are screaming!

So, today instead of work i will do laundry and straighten up the house. Cayden is playing very nicely in his room, while Deacon stands at the gate of their room and screams. He is getting quite clingy these days and I've held him all morning, but I must drink a cup of coffee in peace, check emails and start laundry.

Okay so the new obsessions – I have one and so does Deacon. Mine is tomatoes! Every day for the past couple I have had 1.5 tomatoes a day – I just cut them up and add salt and pepper and go to town! LOVE IT! If I get really adventourous I add them to the top of a cracker!

Deacon's new obsession is raisins. I have never given him any until yesterday and he was crying wanting what his brother had. He did well with them and I only gave him one at a time and watched him closely. He LOVES them and if he sees the box he goes crazy! What age did you first give your kids raisins? Am I way too early???

Enjoy your day! Thankful D has stopped crying …. back to the dishes and dirty clothes!

Jamie Ivey